LEBANON: Universal Syriac Union Party General Secretariat holds regular meeting, USUP Women’s Council Coordinator participates in symposium for 2023 municipal elections

BEIRUT — The Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon held its regular meeting of USUP General Secretariat chaired by Secretary General Michel Mallo.

During the meeting, organizational matters were discussed and the continuation of USUP’s national and strategic programs was emphasized and the status of regional branches and their work was evaluated.

In related news, Coordinator of the USUP’s Women’s Council Huda Lahoud participated in a women’s symposium during the meeting to prepare for the 2023 municipal elections.

The Fifty Fifty Platform launched its new project, entitled “The Women’s Revolution in Politics”, on Thursday in the town of Al-Samqaniya, Lebanon, in preparation for the upcoming municipal elections.