Christian Front of Lebanon reaffirms pursuit of federalism and neutrality

BEIRUT — The Christian Front issued a public statement advocating for the establishment of a federal system of government and a foreign policy of neutrality following its most recent regular meeting held at its headquarters in Ashrafieh, Lebanon. The statement was read aloud by the Secretary-General of the Guardians of the Cedars Party and a Member of the Leadership Council of the Christian Front, lawyer Maroun al-Amauil.

The statement said the positions and statements of Grand Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Kabalan only serve the interests of Iran and contradicts the freedom of the Lebanese. The project of neutrality and federalism is the project that the Christian Front seeks to implement, and the only ones in the “lap of Israel” are those who serve the interests of Iran, it read.

According to the statement, the presence of illegal weapons and agents of foreign powers is an existential crisis for Lebanon.

The Christian Front called on the Lebanese people in all cities and villages to beware of the practices of some displaced people in some areas against the citizens, asking them to deal with caution by removing them outside the residential areas in preparation for their return to the Syrian lands and the settlement of labor as much as possible.

It also called on the United Nations to assume the responsibility of securing places in Syria far from the conflict to avoid tragedies in Lebanon, such as the murder of Elie Matta (17) by a desperate Syrian refugee in a home invasion.

The Christian Front concluded its statement by voicing support for the request of Syriac Maronite Patriarch al-Rai to hold an international conference on Lebanon for the sake of neutrality, stressing that the only solution that guarantees the rights of the Lebanese to a free and dignified life and the preservation of the country’s pluralism.