Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Mor Maurice Amsih calls for end to Turkish attacks on North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA  —  Several political parties and religious clerics in North and East Syria have publicly denounced the ongoing Turkish attacks on the region which have resulted in the killing of civilians and soldiers, as well as the destruction of private and public property.

Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Gozarto (Jazira) and Euphrates Mor Maurice Amsih denounced the Turkish attacks in comments made to Suroyo TV, stating:

“Amid these harsh conditions that the Gozarto (Jazira) Region is going through, represented by the barbaric Turkish attacks on defenseless civilians, monasteries, churches in the cities of the Gozarto, we demand the United Nations and international organizations put an end to the Turkish attacks, so that the peoples of North and East Syria could enjoy security and safety, and see peace prevail throughout the region.”