Syriac Orthodox Mor Matta Monastery holds ordination of new deacons in Nineveh Plains, Iraq

NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq — On Sunday, dozens of new deacons were ordained at the Syriac Orthodox Mor Matta Monastery in Nineveh Plains, Iraq. The deacons will carry out spiritual services in the Syriac Orthodox churches in northern Iraq.

The head of the monastery, Archbishop Timothy Musa al-Shamani, performed a Divine Liturgy, during which he ordained 25 new deacons to serve in the Church of St. Zakka and the Church of St. Jacob in the village of Marki.

The ordination was attended by parish priests and a group of Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian) believers.

Archbishop al-Shamani extended his congratulations to the attendees and the new deacons and wished them a good, blessed, and useful service in the Church. He also thanked Father Zakai Jacob, Father Thomas Matti, and everyone who contributed to the completion of this spiritual occasion.