Syriac Writers and Authors Union in Iraq celebrates its golden jubilee

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — The Syriac Writers and Authors Union in Iraq celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding at the Dakshashi Cultural Café in the town of Baghdede in Nineveh Plains, Iraq.

The event began with the playing of the Iraqi national anthem by the Baghdede Syriac Choir. A minute of silence was then observed for the souls of the martyrs of the free word.

A speech by the General Union of Writers in Iraq was delivered by poet Namrod Qasha, followed by a speech by the Syriac Writers and Authors Union delivered by the Union’s head, Rond Bulos.

Poets from Nineveh Plains recited poetry and the Ilono Band presented a series of traditional songs.

The Union also presented certificates to the families of two deceased poets, Shaker Sayfo and Zuhair Barada.