First Naum Faiq Short Story and Poetry Competition organized by Institut Mésopotamie de Bruxelles

BRUSSELS — In commemoration of Syriac teacher, writer, thinker, and poet Naum Faiq, the Institut Mésopotamie de Bruxelles is organizing its first Naum Faiq Short Story and Poetry Competition.

The purpose of the Naum Faiq Short Story and Poetry Competition is to encourage and appreciate artistic expression of Syriac culture, language, history, tradition, and nationhood through various literary forms, according to the Institute.

The jury for the competition will include three Syriac teachers, historians, and writers. The winners will be announced in a special ceremony on Naum Faiq’s Memorial Day in February 2023.

Short stories and poems written either in Syriac or Latin script and in any of the Syriac dialects can be submitted.

The minimum total count of words is 1500 words and should not exceed 5000 words.