Head of Tur Levnon organization Dr. Amine Iskandar: Increase in municipal autonomy key to overcoming crises in Lebanon

LEBANON — The head of the Tur Levnon organization, Dr. Amine Iskandar, stated the importance of employing progressive governance that works from the bottom up to deliver services in Lebanon. Municipalities should be given more autonomy, he said.

Dr. Iskandar argued that municipalities are better positioned to secure renewable energy in Lebanon, in contrast to the central government which has failed to provide services during successive governments. Municipalities can help solve Lebanon’s energy crisis, help reduce carbon emissions, and strengthen Lebanese independence by investing in hydroelectric and wind energy, in addition to localizing police forces.

After the collapse of national public and private institutions, Dr. Iskandar stressed that a plan must be drawn up to improve the energy sector, primarily by boosting renewable energy production and moving away from oil and gas, which currently depends on imports.

Dr. Iskandar explained that it is necessary and urgent to focus on preserving the agricultural and renewable energy sectors and developing them in a way that preserves the nature of Lebanon.