Syrian regime parliamentarian: Turkey must withdraw from Syrian territory and admit that it funded terrorism

DARAMSUQ — In light of Turkey’s violations of the Syrian borders and its targeting of the positions of the Syrian regime forces, officials criticize the Turkish regime’s support for the terrorist factions and groups in the northern regions, calling on Turkey to recognize its funding of terrorist gangs.

Despite recent statements between Turkish and Syrian officials about normalizing relations between the two countries, head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the parliament of the Syrian regime Boutros Morgana stated that Turkey’s support for terrorist groups in northern Syria is destined to blowback on it.

Morgana said he would not be surprised if it emerged that the extremist groups supported by Turkey were responsible for the bombing in Istanbul that killed a dozen civilians. “Terrorism knows no borders, and the terrorism you support in Syria can hit you in Turkey,” he stated.

Regarding the recent statements by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the future of relations with Syria and the news about meetings between the intelligence chiefs of the two countries, Morgana explained that this requires concrete steps to improve relations with Turkey. “A dialogue with Turkey can be started, but first of all, it must admit that it invaded Syrian territory by funding and training terrorist gangs,” he said. “Secondly, it must show its willingness to withdraw from Syrian territory.”

The Syrian Parliament marked the 83rd anniversary of Turkey’s annexation of the Liwa Iskenderun, modern day Hatay in Turkey. It stated that Turkey’s current policies are merely an extension of its long history of occupation.