Delegation of Syrian organizations meets with representatives of international bodies and organizations

GENEVA — Over the past three days, a delegation from several Syrian organizations met with envoys of several countries and UN bodies in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss ways to advocate for victims’ issues in northern Syria, in light of the escalation of Turkish military attacks on the region which have expanded to include the countryside of Hasakah and Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) and even Al-Hol Refugee Camp which houses approximately 10,000 people associated with the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Syrian delegation explained the aggressive Turkish violations in the regions of North and East Syria and its disruption of vital civilian infrastructure, depriving hundreds of thousands of civilians of water and electricity.

The delegation discussed the water crisis in North and East Syria in detail. More than half a million people in the town of Tel Tamr, the city of Hasakah, and the nearby camps for displaced persons lack sufficient sources of clean drinking water due to Turkey’s targeting of civilian infrastructure, shutting off the Alouk Pumping Station, and reducing the flow of the Euphrates River in violation of its agreement with Syria.

The director of the Association for Victims, Ez al-Deen Saleh, explained that the purpose of these meetings is to convey the repercussions of the Turkish attacks and the damage to civilians and civilian property.

During the meetings, the delegation also stressed the importance of finding a political solution that includes all ethnic and religious components of Syrian society, even if this requires amending UN Security Council Resolution No. 2254, as no peace project in Syria can be long-term and effective without being inclusive of all.