Sovereign Front for Lebanon holds emergency meeting about presidential election paralysis

BEIRUT — The Sovereign Front for Lebanon held an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the Free Patriotic Movement.

In the meeting, the participants discussed the prolonged political conflict over the presidential election. The main divide has been drawn between two political lines: one of which adheres to the constitution and the independence of the judiciary, and one would undermine these institutions for expediency.

The Front also warned against the interference of the authorities in the work of the Constitutional Council, announcing its mobilization to confront any rulings issued that are not based on legal documents.

Regarding the leaked information about a trend to overthrow sovereign representatives after announcing the victory of the reluctant MP Faisal Karami in tight electoral conditions, the Sovereign Front deplored the paralysis of the judiciary, warning against the consequence of taking judicial decisions to alter the balance in the parliament.

The Sovereign Front announced its legal, political, and media mobilization to counter possible judgements that are not based on legal documents, especially since Lebanon currently needs a free and independent state protected by a free and independent judiciary.