Leaked document reveals Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei dissatisfied with regime’s inability to suppress protests

TEHRAN — Iranian media outlets opposed to the Iranian regime reported on a leaked document prepared by the official news agency of the Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in which Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is quoted as saying, “The protests will not end soon.”

The document was reportedly obtained in a hacking operation carried out by the “Black Reward” group on Fars News Agency.

The 123-page document briefed Khamenei about the current events in Iran, in which he criticizes the media’s work and its failure to convince citizens that what is happening in Iran is due to foreign parties.

The document clarified Khamenei’s vision of the continuation and non-stop protests, and also revealed that the regime in Iran suffers from the top of its powers all the way to its base.

The document also showed the backwardness of the Basij institutions and its inability to mobilize to stop the popular protests.

The regime’s manipulation of facts and attempt to show the limited number of demonstrations is also laid out in the document. The regime manipulated the number of protestors, which it estimates at 600,000, to just 40,000 in judicial statements.

The document also demonstrated Russian-Iranian intelligence cooperation, with Russia providing the Iranian regime with the results of regional eavesdropping being conducted on Iranian officials by foreign intelligence services.