Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Mikati meets with UN High Commissioner for Refugees to discuss return of Syrians in Lebanon to their home country

BEIRUT — During a meeting together, head of the Lebanese caretaker government Najib Mikati and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi stressed the importance of removing obstacles to the return of displaced Syrians in Lebanon to their homeland and pledged to increase coordination to solve the dilemma of the displaced.

Although the Lebanese government has initiated the process of deporting displaced Syrians from Lebanon to their homeland, the huge numbers of displaced people and the conditions across the border in Syria have prevented alleviating the economic burden on the Lebanese people and government.

In their meeting, Mikati stressed that the priority at this stage is to return displaced Syrians successively to their country after the situation in Syria has stabilized. This issue cannot remain a factor in hampering Lebanon’s economic and political recovery.

For his part, Grandi expressed his full appreciation for the enormous challenges that Lebanon is faced with and stressed that the United Nations will continue to support the Lebanese people and everyone who lives in Lebanon humanely.

He stated that UNHCR is responsible for the refugees and that it continues to mobilize international resources to support them and assist those who wish to return to their home countries.