Car bomb explodes at North and East Syria Education Authority building in Zalin, Olaf Taw Association for Syriac Language announces education process will continue despite difficulties

ZALIN, Syria — A vehicle belonging to the Education Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria in Zalin (Qamishli) exploded inside the Authority’s vehicle garage on Monday.

The bombing occurred only minutes after the employees got out of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, Sami Ehmed Sileman, was injured in the blast and is receiving treatment at a nearby hospital. The explosion also caused material damage to the Education Authority, Olaf Taw Association for Syriac Language, and neighboring buildings.

The DAA Education Authority issued a statement in the wake of the attack. It denounced the bombing, which targeted education workers and has negative effects on the educational process in the region and accused Turkey of being behind the bombing.

Co-Chair of the Education Authority told North Press Agency that Turkey has targeted three schools in Jazira region (Hasakah Governorate) in the recent escalation.

“Today, it targeted Education Board in Qamishli,” Farhan said. “Turkey targeted employees of the Education Board while on duty.”

The Olaf Taw Association for Syriac Language also issued a statement.

“This bombing is an extension of the Turkish policies that seek to undermine the people of the region,” read the statement. “It is a cheap attempt that seeks the failure of the DAA and intimidation of its workers.”

The Olaf Taw Association statement said that such attacks against civilians constitute gross violations of human rights and can never be justified.

The Olaf Taw Association demanded the DAA and security authorities to hold the perpetrators of this cowardly act accountable and stressed that the educational process will continue despite all difficulties.