Christian Front of Lebanon calls for federalism to preserve   

ASHRAFIEH, Lebanon — During its regular meeting in Beirut’s Ashrafieh neighborhood, and in the presence of its members and president Ibrahim Mrad, the Lebanon’s Christian Front called for the adoption of a federal system of government, calling it the only solution to decrease corruption and ensure the religious and ethnic pluralism of the country.

The Christian Front stressed that Lebanon’s Christians have the right to ensure the security of their communities, in cooperation with the security forces, from gangs of robbers who exploit the weakness of the security situation.

The Christian Front called on all Lebanese regions to adopt the Ashrafieh model, in coordination with the Lebanese Army and the legitimate security forces, to protect people and property.

Regarding the negative media campaign against the people of Ashrafieh launched by Al-Akhbar newspaper, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, the Christian Front said it is an indication of the latter’s annoyance at being unable to violate the security and dignity of the Christian community at will.

Continuing to obstruct the presidential election does not represent the aspirations of the sovereign Lebanese and the majority of Christians, it added.

“Voices who claim to defend the office of the presidency and demand the rights of Christians must remain silent and stop lying because they are the ones who destroyed the Christian community with their wars and handing Lebanon over to Iran through Hezbollah,” it stressed.

The Christian Front also announced that it had delivered a document outlining the recommendations made during the Christians of the East Congress to representatives of various Middle Eastern governments.

It also stressed that adopting federalism is the only solution to respect religious and ethnic pluralism, stop wars, and reach a just and comprehensive peace in the country and wider region.