Syrian Democratic Forces General Commander Abdi: We hope that the Biden Administration will keep its promise

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mazloum Abdi confirmed that the US is standing in the way of Turkey’s ground aggression against the areas of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria, adding that the Russian stance is still inclined to neutrality.

Russian General Alexandr Chaiko, head of Russian forces in Syria, visited Abdi at his headquarters and discussed with him the Russian mediation with Turkey.

Abdi explained that Russia is currently taking a neutral stance between the SDF and Turkey and is trying to enforce the 2019 Sochi Agreement.

During a press interview, Abdi ruled out negotiating with Damascus before the political solution matures, hoping that his personal visit to the capital would help reach a peaceful solution to the existing crisis, which requires a number of visits and preparations.

He explained that the US stance is in line with their public statements, but the SDF hopes that the Biden Administration will fulfill its promise and obligations and not allow Turkey to carry out any operation.

“Turkey’s argument that the SDF threatens Turkish national security is false, and the SDF has not carried out any operation that threatens Turkish national security,” Abdi stated. “There are no direct military operations against Turkey from these areas.”

In related news, Abdi confirmed in another press interview that the DAA intends to publish an investigation regarding the Istanbul bombing and the accusations made against the SDF by Turkey in the near future. It will verify the identities of those associated with the attacker and show their links with the leaders of the pro-Turkish opposition factions who are in Cafrin (Afrin).