President of Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad: Gebran Bassil’s criticism of Hezbollah is meaningless if no action follows

BEIRUT — During a recent press conference, head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil made statements threatening to dismantle its alliance with Iran-backed Hezbollah, accusing the group of obstructing government meetings and paralyzing the process to elect a new president.

Bassil also criticized Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, accusing him of controlling the parliament’s decision and called on him to abide by the Lebanese constitution in accordance with the National Accord Document.

However, Bassil’s statements were considered by some Lebanese politicians as merely an electoral tool to strengthen his position.

President of Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad stated that Bassil’s statements are nothing more than an attempt to pressure his strategic ally, Hezbollah, into giving him greater authority.

“Basil considers the presidency of the republic an exclusive right for him after Michelle Aoun,” said Mrad.” These statements are nothing but attempts to attract the Christian community to its side, after he handed over the Christian community and capabilities of Lebanon to the Iranian occupier.”

Mrad stressed that there is no credibility in Bassil’s statements unless he dismantles the alliance, admits to betraying the Christians of Lebanon, and completely retires from politics.