Swiss Federal Council calls on Turkey to prevent civilian deaths in North and East Syria and northern Iraq no matter the circumstances

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Following the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria, the Swiss Federal Council called on Turkey to fulfill its obligations under international law and prevent the deaths of civilians in North and East Syria and northern Iraq.

In response to a parliamentary question regarding Turkey’s potential use of chemical weapons, the Swiss Federal Council stated that the Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with Turkish authorities and has expressed its concerns.

The Federal Council stated that Switzerland called on Turkey to prevent civilian deaths, whatever the circumstances. Switzerland, as host country for the Geneva meetings, supports peace and security in the region in a bilateral and multilateral manner, it added.

“Switzerland and its partners are following the news of Turkish use of chemical weapons, and trust in particular the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW),” the Council added.

In related news, civil society organizations in Raqqa demanded, in a statement, the imposition of an air embargo on North and East Syria to prevent the Turkish attacks. They called on all peoples of the region to join their “no-fly-zone campaign” so that their voice is conveyed to the world.