Mosaic tile floor discovered under house in Mabbug, Syria; Extent of damage to ancient city Dura Europos still unknown

MABBUG and DAYRO ZCURO, Syria — While digging under his house in Mabbug (Manbij), North and East Syria, a man reported finding mosaic tiling.

In coordination with the Directorate of Antiquities in the Democratic Civil Administration of Mabbug (Manbij) and its countryside, the Culture Authority of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria conducted an emergency excavation to transfer the mosaic panel to a safe location.

The mosaic dates back to the late Roman era, the beginning of Christianity’s emergence.

In related news, mystery still surrounds the fate of the ancient city of Dura Europos near Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor), after its liberation from the Islamic State (ISIS).

Dura Europe has not received much media attention and no report has been issued to date showing the extent of damage caused by illegal excavations.

Satellite images for the city showed several excavations that caused great damage to areas of archaeological significance.

Dura Europos is one of the most important oriental sites dating back to classical times and is rich in papyri and parchments, which are written documents kept in the form of rolls in the archives of ancient official buildings.