President of Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon Amine Jules Iskandar: Lebanese triple arches are originally Syriac architecture

BEIRUT — In comments to our news desk, President of the Syriac Maronite UnionTur Levnon Dr. Amine Jules Iskandar talked about the Syriac origin of Lebanese architecture.

He stated that the Syriac heritage contains a book of gospels known as the Codex Rabulensis. It was composed under the supervision of monk Rabula in 586 A.D. It also shows the triple arches of Lebanese architecture with the exact same proportions and details.

The thin slender columns are identical to those of the Lebanese triple arches and have nothing in common with the proportions of Greek, Roman, or Byzantine architecture.

Iskandar declared that the Lebanese triple arches are originally Syriac architecture. They are of a religious nature that indicates the tripartite architecture that was carved by our Syriac ancestors.

“It has been said that the Lebanese Prince Fakhredin II imported this model from Italy when he came back from his exile in 1618,” said Iskandar, indicating that such false information are being promoted due to pseudo-Arabism or secular ideology prevalent among the peoples.

“Some people believe that we cancel the Phoenician identity when we talk about our Syriac origins,” said Iskandar. “On the contrary, Syriac completes Lebanon’s historical Phoenician origins.”