LEBANON: Syriac Union Party distributes Christmas gifts to the children of Zahlé

ZAHLE, Lebanon — Every year, the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) organizes Christmas events for children. Last Friday, the party’s Zahlé branch held a Christmas celebration for about 100 of the city’s children, during which gifts were distributed.

During the event, USUP coordinator of the Zahlé branch, Sandra Kfoury, gave a speech about the importance of caring for and loving children. She thanked the Syriac people in the diaspora for providing constant support to the children of Lebanon through relief organizations such as the Syriac Cross Organization and the Schlomo Foundation.

In a statement to our news desk, Kfoury said that “we will not concede to the forces that seek to destroy the future of our children and sabotage their lives, because our children are the future and the politicians who will run Lebanon.”

Zahlé is the capital of the Bekaa Governorate with a predominantly Syriac population of Melkites, Syriac Maronites, Syriac Orthodox, and Syriac Catholics.