US plans to build new detention center for ISIS detainees in Rmelan, North and East Syria

RMELAN, Syria  ꟷ In light of the Turkish airstrikes and threats of invasion which are destabilizing the security situation in North and East Syria, US officials announced their intentions to build a new facility in Rmelan, North and East Syria, to hold Islamic State (ISIS) detainees.

There are tens of thousands of ISIS detainees currently held in facilities and camps across North and East Syria. The largest concentration of ISIS affiliated individuals is at Al-Hol Refugee Camp, which houses tens of thousands of women and children with relatives in, or sympathies towards, ISIS.

At the beginning of 2022, ISIS cells launched a large coordinated attack on a prison holding thousands of ISIS fighters. Fighting lasted for weeks and allowed an unknown number of ISIS prisoners to escape.

The US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said in a press statement that, with the presence of about 10,000 foreign  terrorists in detention centers, ISIS will seek to exploit the security tensions to liberate the detainees and renew its ranks.

She added that, for this reason, Washington is working with the international community to lead an urgent effort to improve security coordination and encourage countries to repatriate, rehabilitate, integrate, and prosecute their citizens.

Nuland said that the US Department of Defense is currently building a new detention facility in Rmelan for ISIS members, pointing out that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will work to manage it to ensure the safe detention of terrorists.