Christian Front of Lebanon: Christians from Rmaich will be displaced by Hezbollah if state fails to intervene

RMAICH, Lebanon — In a statement, the Christian Front of Lebanon considered the provocations being made on the lands of the residents of the southern Lebanese town of Rmaich by Hezbollah’s followers part of a systematic occupation aiming to remove the Christians in the area under the threat of force of arms.

The Christian Front said the illegal planting of trees on private property in Rmaich along the border with Israel by groups associated with Hezbollah under the pretense of a “green” campaign poses a significant threat to the Christians of the area. The government has, so far, refused to deal with the illegal acts of Hezbollah and its allies, according to the Christian Front.

The Christian Front called on the Ministers of Defense and Interior and the Commander of the Armed Forces of Lebanon to intervene and put an end to these blatant attacks on the property of the people of Rmaich. Continued silence on this and similar issues encourages Hezbollah to commit further violations and if nothing is done in Rmaich, the Christians of the town are likely to be displaced, said the group.

The Christian front stated that it will communicate with those concerned in the Lebanese state to put an end to these attacks, putting itself at the disposal of the people of Rmaich to provide whatever assistance they are able.