International Coalition and Syrian Democratic Forces resume joint operations against ISIS

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The US-led International Coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced they had resumed their joint anti-terrorism operations to combat the Islamic State (ISIS) in North and East Syria. The SDF unilaterally suspended their cooperation with the US-led International Coalition due to the ongoing Turkish attacks.

After the resumption of operations, US Central Command announced the arrest of six ISIS members, including several high-ranking leaders, during three landing operations conducted within 48 hours.

The Coalition indicated that one of those arrested, a man called al-Zubaidi, is involved in planning and facilitating the launch of operations in Syria.

US  Lieutenant General Michael Corella said that the arrest of these terrorists would disrupt the organization’s ability to plan and carry out destabilizing operations.

On the night of Monday–Tuesday, the SDF and the International Coalition carried out two landing operations targeting ISIS cells in the city of al-Shadadi in the southern countryside of Hasakah.

A military source in the Joint Operations Room said that the two operations resulted in the arrest of a number of terrorists, including two leaders. The two cells were planning to launch attacks on a prison holding the organization’s members and Al-Hol Refugee Camp which houses tens of thousands of women and children associated with the group.