Exhibition of replicas of looted artifacts held in Raqqa, Syria

RAQQA, Syria — An exhibition, “Return of a Stolen Civilization”, that simulates the artifacts looted from Raqqa, North and East Syria, during the control of the Islamic State (ISIS) funded by the Civil Society Support Center and the Father Paolo Grant, the Vision Organization, and the Raqqa Civil Council.

During the exhibition, models of artifacts looted during the period of ISIS control were displayed, in addition to cork-made models of archaeological monuments.

Plastic artists from Raqqa, such as artist Bahr Abu Saif, participated in the exhibition, providing sculpted models of the city’s archaeological sites.

Director of the Organization Izzat al-Mouh talked about the work mechanisms for opening the exhibition.

The exhibition was visited by personalities interested in artifacts, such as Ali al-Kadro, who emphasized the importance of holding such exhibitions.

The Father Paolo Grant is named after Father Paolo, who was kidnapped by ISIS in Raqqa.