Bethnahrin National Council delegation congratulates Churches on glorious Christmas in Zalin, North and East Syria

ZALIN, Syria — A delegation from institutions of the Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo D’Bethnahrin, MUB) visited clergy of the Churches of the city of Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, to extend their congratulations and blessings on the occasion of Christmas.

The delegation included representatives of military, civil, and political institutions.

They discussed with the clergy several issues related to the situation of the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people and the challenges facing the Christian presence in the region.

The delegation met with Father Sameer Kannon of the Chaldean Church, Father Yossef Assi of the Syriac Catholic Church, Father George Moshe of the Evangelical Union Church, and the Milli Council of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

During the meetings, discussions took place about the situation of the Christian people in the region and the challenges they face in light of the various political and economic crises. They also discussed the importance of cooperation and coordination between the institutions of Bethnahrin National Council and Church institutions to preserve the Christian presence on the island and to achieve coexistence with the rest of the peoples of the region.

The clergy commended the important role of the civil, political, and military institutions of the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people, especially in light of the delicate and sensitive political landscape, stressing the constant pursuit of the Churches to achieve the love, peace, and brotherhood that the Lord Jesus preached.