Iraqi Muslim man takes care of Mar Gorgis Church in city of Habbaniyah

HABBANIYAH, Iraq — Iraqi media outlet Raise Your Voice recently profiled a Muslim man who has been caring for a church for 15 years. Abdul Jalil Abbas Ibrahim, in the city of Habbaniyah, has been taking care of the Mar Gorgis Church since 2007 after it was bombed by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

In the interview, Ibrahim said that the church has not received the necessary support since it was bombed by Al-Qaeda. He said that he has worked alone doing what he can to care for the church despite being unemployed.

Ibrahim talked about growing up side-by-side with Christians, especially ones who attended this church, which prompted him to work in its garden and then stay in it. He believes that there should be no distinction between a Muslim and a Christian in the homeland.

Ibrahim wished the local provincial government and the central government in Baghdad would rebuild the church because it is considered an important cultural and historical symbol and must be preserved.