ISIS cells attack headquarters of Internal Security Forces in Raqqa, North and East Syria

RAQQA, Syria — On Monday, cells of the Islamic State (ISIS) attacked a building of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria in the Al-Diriyah neighborhood of Raqqa, which the group once used as its capital city. During the clashes, several members of the ISF and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were martyred. The security forces managed to arrest a number of the attackers.

The General Command of the ISF of Raqqa issued a statement, explaining that clashes broke out between the security forces and the terrorists, during which one of the terrorists was killed and another terrorist wearing an explosive belt was arrested, while the others fled to buildings in surrounding neighborhoods.

With the participation of the SDF, a combining campaign began which resulted in the arrest of two ISIS fighters. During the attack, four members of the ISF and two members of the SDF were martyred.

Following the attack, the ISF announced the launch of a large-scale combing campaign in the city to prevent further terrorist operations

General Commander of the SDF Mazloum Abdi confirmed that the SDF was following up on the movements of ISIS cells in Raqqa after they targeted security and military buildings in the city.

Abdi explained that the information received from Raqqa indicates dangerous preparations by ISIS cells, which should not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the Interior Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council decided to implement a total curfew in the city, starting from today until further notice.