Patriarch Raï meets with Christian Front and Kataeb Party. Unanimous and united in the struggle for an independent Lebanon with a strong Christian presence

BETH KERKE, Lebanon ꟷ On Wednesday, Patriarch Mor Béchara Boutros Raï received a delegation from the Christian Front and the Lebanese Kataeb Party at the Patriarchate in Beth Kerké (BKerke).

The delegation of the Christian Front was led by Secretary-General Ibrahim Mrad and representatives of several affiliated Christian organizations. Mrad pointed out to the Patriarch the imminent threat of the dissolution of the Lebanese state and the great importance of cooperating with the Church to consolidate the presence and steadfastness of the Lebanese in their country, especially the Christians. The Secretary-General also strongly condemned the violation of the country’s independence and pointed out that no one is held accountable. A just and independent state must be established for all its citizens, which conforms to the line of the Church.

Mrad expressed his Front’s support for the Patriarch’s views and proposals to hold an international conference to save Lebanon. Such a conference has become all the more urgent and necessary in light of the tragic situation in which the Lebanese now live.

The Christian Front also handed the Patriarch the outcome of its first Christians of the East Congress held in November under the title “Christians of the East: Between Extinction and Role Restoration.”

Patriarch Mor Béchara Boutros Raï also received a delegation from the Kataeb Party headed by Representative Salim al-Sayegh. In  the meeting, al-Sayegh stressed the important historical and patriotic role of the Syriac Maronite Patriarchate and the national positions of the Patriarch that have only the best interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

For his part, the patriarch pointed out that the homeland is in danger because certain actors began to try to transform secular Lebanon into a religious state. But Lebanon is not a religious state. This is perhaps what sets Lebanon apart most from the other countries in the region; its secularity, pluralism, and diversity. The patriarch also pointed out the need for cooperation and building the country together on the principles of pluralism in unity, culture, and religion. Lebanon must not be dragged into becoming a sectarian state.