Reports that administrative region might be established in southern Syria

DRUCO, Syria — Quoting sources in the Syrian opposition, North Pulse reported that an agreement has been made between several countries and the Syrian regime to establish an administrative region in southern Syria which would include Druco (Daraa), As-Suwayda, and Quneitra.

The sources stated that the goal of the administrative region would be to force Iranian and pro-Iranian Syrian militias to leave southern Syria and move 55 km to the north near the town of Kanaker in the countryside of Daramsuq (Damascus).

The sources added that the next step will focus on cleansing the area of all uncontrolled armed groups, including the Islamic State (ISIS), and confiscating civilian weapons in exchange for reconstructing the area and handing over the administration there to locals under the authority of the Syrian regime.

The sources pointed out that this agreement was discussed during two meetings held in the UAE and Saudi Arabia during which opposition political and military representatives from the Druco were present.

King of Jordan Abdullah II reportedly proposed the project and succeeded in convincing the US to tacitly support it during his visit several months ago.

The sources added that the US has agreed to support the project in the event of political support from Russia and Syrian government, as well as financial support pledged by the Arab Gulf states.