Syrian Democratic Council official Ilham Ahmed: Tripartite meeting between Russia, Turkey, and Syria could have negative consequences for security in Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In public comments following the tripartite meeting between the Russian, Syrian, and Turkish Defense Ministers in Moscow, Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Executive Committee Ilham Ahmed stated that the meeting is not in the interest of the Syrian people and is not a viable path to resolving the Syrian crisis.

Ahmed said during a press conference that such security meetings make it clear that the three participant countries still view the Syrian crisis purely through a security lens but there can be no resolution to the crisis without a political agreement.

“Turkey is always trying to get a green light to launch a ground attack on North and East Syria,” she said, adding that, “Turkey is seeking to strike the coordination between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Army along the border.”

Ahmed indicated that, “the common front between Turkey and Damascus will not only be against the Syrian Democratic Forces, but against all Syrians.”

She stressed that Turkey is ready to make concessions with the cards it holds and is ready to make concessions that will harm Syrians for its own gain.

Ahmed explained that there is still communication at the military level between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Russia, pointing out that coordination is continuing with Damascus and Moscow to understand the positive or negative results of this meeting.

She also confirmed that they are trying to leave channels open for dialogue and finding a political solution. A federal system has become a fait accompli in Syria, Ahmed stated. North and East Syria, along with other regions, have more autonomy now that they are unlikely to give up. Greater regional powers do not mean the partition of Syria, she explained.

Ahmed also demanded that the position of the international community and the United States be clearer regarding the Turkish threats and the ongoing Turkish massacres in North and East Syria.