LEBANON: Christian Front exposes Hezbollah’s false ‘utopianism’, says hardship and complete loss awaits any country that works with the Islamic Republic of Iran

ASHRAFIEH, Lebanon — In a statement issued at its weekly meeting, the Christian Front of Lebanon, said that the fate of every country linked to Iran is one of deprivation and complete loss of sovereignty. The main cause of the Lebanese crisis is the use of Iran’s proxy weapon in Lebanon, Hezbollah, and sovereign Lebanon can only be saved through the concerted efforts of sovereigntists of all sects.

Nobody is fooled by window-dressing visits like the one made this week by a Hezbollah delegation to Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Béchara Raï in Beth Kerké (Bkerké). The ‘Party of God’ plays the role of utopian, and wants to make people forget the countless attacks on Bkerké and her patriarch, portraying him, among other things, as a Zionist agent, the Front stated. None of us can and will ignore the countless assassinations that Hezbollah carried out against the advocates of sovereignty in order to take control of Lebanon, and all the sabotage attempts against the country’s institutions and people. Hezbollah is a violent militia and a tool in the hands of Iran, both ideologically (Guardianship of the Faqih) and strategically, “which has led to the collapse that we are experiencing at all levels.”

The Christian Front in its statement warned that Hezbollah is trying to present itself as being keen on state institutions, the election of a president, and that it tries to preserve the rights of Christians, but the reality is that all these claims are false and that this pretended utopia is far from reality and truth.

The Front believes that the effort to save Lebanon from its tragedy can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of advocates of Lebanon’s sovereignty across all sects, by pushing for an international conference for Lebanon and by calling on the international community to have international resolutions under Chapter VII implemented. Because, the main cause of the Lebanese crisis is the Iranian lethal weapon called Hezbollah, and the fate of every country associated with the Islamic Republic of Iran is mere poverty, hunger, and complete loss.