Kurdish National Council congratulates Syriac Union Party on Christmas and New Year’s holidays

ZALIN, Syria — On Thursday, a delegation from the Presidency of the Kurdish National Council (Encûmena Niştimanî ya kurdî li Sûriyê, ENKS) visited the Syriac Union Party (SUP) at its headquarters in Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

The delegation included Mohammad Ismail, Faisal Yousuf, Suleiman Oso, Faisal Yousuf, and Nemat Daoud.

They were received by SUP Co-Chairs Nazira Gourieh and Sanahrib Barsoum and member of the SUP Executive Body Afram Ishaq.

At the outset of the visit, the ENKS delegation offered congratulations on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s, and the two parties expressed their wishes that the new year would be a year for building peace in Syria and reaching a political solution to the decade-long crisis.

The two parties also discussed the political developments in Syria and the importance of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2254, engaging in dialogue and reaching consensus among political actors in Syria.

They also stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence between the various ethnic and religious components of the region.