Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson Aram Hanna on Operation Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt: The SDF will keep confronting terrorists because security and safety of our peoples can never be compromised    

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), with the support of the U.S.-led International Coalition, launched Operation Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt, in order to sweep all regions of North and East Syria, after terrorists attacked the headquarters of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Raqqa.

In this regard, Syriac Press interviewed the SDF spokesman Aram Hanna.

  ‏”The activity of the Islamic State (ISIS) and its sleeper cells has been escalating due to weakness of pursuing ISIS cells in the central desert areas of Syria, in addition to the fertile environment for terrorism and extremist ideology in northwest Syria, and the Turkish threats against North and East Syria,” Hanna stated, indicating that the Turkish violations should be classified as war crimes.

“In addition to civilian casualties and infrastructure targeting, the regions of North and East Syria face another danger represented in the camps and detention centers for ISIS members and families,” Hanna added.

Regarding what the SDF efforts in confronting terrorist attacks, Hanna declared that the SDF thwarted several terrorist attacks, including the events in Al-Sina’a Prison in Hasakah and the recent attack in Raqqa.

“The SDF revealed terrorist plans and plots before implementing them,” said Hanna. “The SDF Special Forces conducted qualitative operations during which they arrested ISIS terrorist cells, thwarted their plans, and confiscated their explosive materials and weapons.”

Hanna stressed that the Turkish escalation against the region has re-activated ISIS cells, after re-financing and re-arming them to carry out attacks against detention centers or camps.

“The SDF Special Units thwarted eight plots to attack Al-Hol camp, which prompted the SDF to launch Operation Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt against ISIS cells in Hasakah and southern Zalin (Qamishli) towards Al-Hol and Tal Hamis, in addition to the Iraqi-Syrian borders,” he added.

Regarding the course of the Operation, Hanna explained that the participating forces in the operation swept 70 km from the eastern border regions with Iraq.

He stated that hundreds of ISIS sleeping cells were arrested and their weapons, including explosives, military clothes, laptops and communication devices were confiscated.

“The SDF secured the region’s security and stability during Christmas and New Year’s holidays,” Hanna continued.

Hanna indicated that the SDF continue to carry out extremely complex sweeping and raiding tasks, and the anti-terrorism units continue their field work and carry out joint quality operations with the U.S.-led International Coalition.

“The SDF will keep confronting the terrorists, expose their hideouts and resist the Turkish attacks, because security and safety of the region’s people can never be compromised,” Hanna concluded.