Bethnahrin National Council congratulates Syriac Military Council on tenth anniversary, says “it gives power to our Syriac people”

The Bethnahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo d’Bethnahrin, MUB) congratulated the Syrian Military Council on its tenth anniversary. In its official statement, the Bethnahrin National Council says:

———— Statement ————

On the tenth anniversary of the Syriac Military Council. It gives power to our people

The freedom struggle that we started under the leadership of the Bethnahrin National Council continues to spread and grow among our people in the homeland and in the diaspora. On this basis and in order to give an answer to the needs of our people, many organizations and institutions have been established in order to organize our Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean-Aramean people in every national aspect. Our people in the Middle East are the target of many dangers and threats. One of their crucial national basic needs therefore is the formation of a force that will defend their existence. The non-democratic regimes and their racist, religious, fascist and denialist governments denied our people the right to life. Furthermore, our people has become the target of attacks by jihadist groups with a genocidal mentality. That is why the concept of Autonomous Self-Defense was developed and transformed into an organized structure.

With the “Arab Spring”, which began in North Africa and the Middle East, the Middle East entered a phase of turmoil and dispersal. During this phase, conflicts increased and calls for social change spread throughout the region. From the perspective of the struggle to keep our people on its feet in the face of the political and military earthquake taking place, the decision to form a military force in Syria was implemented. On January 8, 2013, the establishment of the Syriac Military Council, the MFS, was announced in the town of Derik, Syria.

A historic step was taken with the establishment of the MFS, which aims to defend the lives and property of our people. To put an end to the inhumane transgressions of the terrorist organization ISIS, the Syriac Military Council took its responsibility in the fight that took place at the regional and international level. In North and East Syria in the war of defense against ISIS, jihadist groups, and other illegitimate occupiers, dozens of brave people who fought in this war reached the rank of martyrdom.

The military resistance shown by the MFS demonstrated to the entire world the will, strength, and connection our people have with their homeland. MFS fighters participated in campaigns in Khabur, Raqqa, Al-Hol, Deir Ezzor, Ras Al-Ain, and other regions. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Syriac Military Council, we ask for great success for all fighters, and we celebrate this historic day with the families of the martyrs and with all patriots in the hope of freedom.

– Long live the Syriac Military Council!!
– Long live the freedom struggle of our people!!
– Long live the path of national unity, which was illuminated by our immortal martyrs!!

Bethnahrin National Council
Executive Council

———— End of Statement ————