Director General of Syriac Studies, Salem Jajo, meets Iraqi Minister of Education and receives achievement award for his department’s work

BAGHDAD, Iraq ꟷ The Director General of Syriac Studies Imad, Salem Jajo, met with the Iraqi Minister of Education, Ibrahim Namis al-Jubouri, at his office in the Iraqi capital to discuss the current state of affairs and the objectives for the new year.

The Iraqi Minister of Education showed his appreciation for the efforts made by the Directorate and its staff in developing the Syriac curriculum and educational teaching materials. Al-Jubouri presented Jajo with the Shield of Excellence and Creativity for his continuous work in the General Directorate of Syriac Studies and the successful implementation of the objectives of its annual program.

Salem Jajo explained the Directorate’s achievements in authoring curricula in the Syriac language for the primary school level, and its intentions to compose a teacher’s guide in the Syriac language for the staff of primary schools.

In Iraq, Arabic and Kurdish are the two official languages. Syriac is a recognized language and is taught at schools in areas with a larger Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian presence. The Directorate of Syriac Studies is part of the Iraqi Ministry of Education and is tasked with the official organization of the Syriac language curriculum, educating teachers, and setting up Syriac study plans.