Iraqi PM Mohammed Shiaꞌ al-Sudani hears concerns and demands from Yazidi delegation and vows to do his utmost to uphold their rights and improve their situation

BAGHDAD ꟷ On Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammad Shiaꞌ  al-Sudani, met with a Yazidi delegation and listened to their concerns and demands. The Iraqi PM stressed that his government is keen to uphold the rights of all ethnic components of society.

The Yazidi delegation thanked PM al-Sudani for the decision last month made by the Council of Ministers to officially allow for land- and property-ownership by Yazidis in 11 districts and to start documenting this ownership in Shigur (Shengal/Sinjar). The discriminatory policies of the former Ba’ath regime prevented Yazidis from owning land and title deeds for decades.

Al-Sudani listened to the demands and proposals of the Yazidi delegation regarding their living conditions and security issues. He said that he will do his utmost to follow up on all their issues and stressed that the Iraqi government’s ministerial program includes the care and protection of all ethnic components in Iraq, including the Yazidi component which was subjected to genocide by terrorist organization Islamic State.

“Iraq is characterized by the diversity of its sects and components, and this diversity gives it strength and enhances its social cohesion,” he said. The rights of the components are constitutionally protected and his government is working intensively to consolidate those rights in federal state programs and projects that serve the components on the basis of citizenship and righteousness.