Iraqi government confirms necessity of reconstructing Shigur (Sinjar) and Nineveh Plains

BAGHDAD — On Tuesday, official Iraqi media issued a statement saying that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani received a delegation of Yezidis headed by Yezidi Emir Hazem Tahsin Beg and which included representatives of the Yezidi component in Iraqi Parliament and several clerics, sheikhs, and other notable people.

PM al-Sudain stressed the Iraqi government’s keenness to preserve the cultural and social diversity of the Iraqi people, explaining that “the reconstruction of Sinjar and Nineveh Plains are among the government’s goals” and noting that reconstruction and the provision of services will bring long-overdue stability to the region.

The statement added that Emir Hazem Tahsin Beg conveyed to the Prime Minister the thanks of the Yezidi people for granting property rights to the Yezidis in Shigur (Sinjar / Shengal) after decades of suffering.

In related news, Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid received a delegation of representatives of the components and groups of Shigur at the Baghdad Palace on Tuesday. 

During the meeting, President Rashid stressed the importance of consolidating the values of brotherhood and synergy among all the people of the city and the need for concerted national efforts to promote stability and peace. He also highlighted the importance of rebuilding the city and providing basic public services to its residents, as well as compensating those affected by the conflict to ensure the security and stability of the region.

The United Nations Human Settlements Program announced the reconstruction of 80 destroyed homes in Al-Qahtaniya District as part of reconstruction efforts.