Syriac Maronite Patriarch al-Rai receives several delegations to discuss situation in Lebanon at Patriarchal Edifice in Beth Kerke

BETH KERKE, Lebanon — On Tuesday, Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Bechara Boutros al-Rai received several delegations at the Patriarchal Edifice in Beth Kerke (Bkerke), Lebanon, to discuss  with them the current situation in the country and the postponed presidential election.

The Patriarch received a delegation from Our Lady of the Mountain, a Syriac Maronite Church foundation established in 2000 which seeks to enhance coexistence between Muslims and Christians, and the National Council against Iran, a Christian association whose goal is ending Iranian influence in Lebanon.

During the meeting, the two sides reviewed the current situation and challenges facing Lebanon, as well as the work they are doing to address the country’s multiple crises.

The visiting delegation affirmed their support for the Patriarch’s positions and the National Accord Document that was approved in the city of Taif. They highlighted the important role played by the Patriarchate throughout history and the importance of calling for an international conference to help Lebanon overcome its difficulties.

Both parties stated that Lebanon is a place of coexistence where all national patriots are welcome regardless of religion or ethnicity.

The Patriarch also received the Dean of the Maronite General Council, former Minister Wadih el-Khazen. The two discussed the issue of electing a new president and stressed that conducting the election in accordance with the constitution is an important step in preserving the sanctity of state institutions and restoring public confidence in government. Procrastination and delay will lead to the paralysis of the state and the disruption of its institutions, they added. There is no way to ensure the functioning of the state and the revitalization of the economy except through battling corruption and improving public trust in government institutions.

Patriarch al-Rai also received Director General of the Internal Security Forces Imad Othman who reviewed the security situation in the country with him. They also discussed the work of the Internal Security Forces in controlling and combating crime and tracking down criminals and violators. The Patriarch praised the efforts made by the security forces in carrying out their duty despite difficult circumstances and challenges.