Lebanese sovereignists express support for USUP President Ibrahim Mrad for addressing the injustice and judicial corruption suffered by all Lebanese citizens

BEIRUT — Political parties members, activists and journalists continue to show their support in solidarity with Secretary General of the Christian Front and President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad. They call all Lebanese to his support in his persecution by judicial authorities. Only in unity can the real criminals be held accountable, and only in unity can the security apparatus and judiciary be rid of the hegemony of Hezbollah.

The head of the Freedom Front Party Anyas Keyrouz issued a statement in which he said that the abuses Ibrahim Mrad had to go through are similar to the sufferings of all Lebanese, because all that Ibrahim he did was to address the injustice, the judicial corruption and oppression that the Lebanese citizens suffer from. Keyrouz added that Mrad’s statements were unfortunately considered a crime, while the real criminals can still act freely, without supervision or accountability.

Director of the Allama Ali Al-Aamin Foundation Muhammad al-Amin, said that solidarity with Mrad is an expression of solidarity with freedom. Civil liberties are precisely what the Lebanese state must protect and should not participate in the suppression of freedoms under the order of an armed militia. al-Amin added that freedoms are among the sanctities of the rule of law that must be preserved. And we must continue to keep pressure on the state to continue to preserve and protect these liberties. The state must be freed from Hezbollah’s hegemony over its security, judicial and military institutions. Al-Amin concluded by making an appeal to all to raise their voices to build a state where justice, democracy and human values prevail, just like Ibrahim Mrad does.

Lawyer Elie Charbachi said that as a “Lebanese sovereignist,” Mrad is not Hezbollah’s only target, but that Hezbollah is targeting all honorable Lebanese sovereigns. This war for Lebanon and its freedom and independence against enemies bent on destroying its free spirit has been going on for more than a hundred years. “Now and in the future we are on the side of Ibrahim Mrad,” Charbachi said, as he is on the side of all the sovereign activists who are threatened, persecuted and killed.

Political activist Hisham Bou Ghannam also expressed his support. He said that all free and honorable Lebanese should support Mrad in his cause, and oppose injustice and the occupation project, that all forces should unite to build the project of a free and independent Lebanese state.

Journalist Tony Boulos expressed solidarity with Mrad, saying that his arrest is part of a clear plan to suppress freedoms, silence public opinion and silence any voice against Hezbollah’s power. What is needed today is unity to free the security apparatus and the judiciary from the grip of Hezbollah so that they can do their job of protecting the people from the corrupt and the criminals, led by Hezbollah, who attack it to account.