US Special Envoy to North and East Syria Nicholas Granger visits Democratic Autonomous Administration in Raqqa, North and East Syria

RAQQA, Syria — In his first official visit to Raqqa, US State Department Special Envoy to North and East Syria Nicholas Granger visited the headquarters of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria and the Raqqa Civil Council.

The security and political challenges facing work there were discussed, particularly the urgent need to reconstruct the city’s infrastructure. During the campaign to liberate the city from the Islamic State (ISIS), an estimated 90% of the city’s infrastructure was damaged or destroyed.

Granger also discussed the general situation in North and East Syria, including the economic situation, counter-terrorism operation, “Revenge for Martyrs of Raqqa”, and the Turkish threat to launch a renewed invasion of the region with DAA officials.

Granger reiterated continued support for sustainable economic projects in the region, in addition to security support.