NORTH and EAST SYRIA: French Foreign Ministry envoy visits Sheikh of Arab Shammar tribe 

BETH ZALIN, Syria On Monday, the French Foreign Ministry envoy, Henri Hector, visited Sheikh Manea al-Hamidi al-Daham of the Arab Shammar tribe at his residence in the village of Tal ‘Alo in the countryside of Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, reports North Press Agency.

The French envoy was received by the Sheikh and his two brothers, the commander-in-chief of the Al-Sanadid forces Bandar al-Hamidi al-Daham, and the military commander of the Al-Sanadid forces Yawer al-Hamidi al-Daham.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the latest developments and dramatic events taking place in the region at various levels, as well as the economic and social situation experienced by the residents of North and East Syria.

The French envoy urged joint action among all the components of North and East Syria and indicated his intention to make other visits to the region in the future.

It is noteworthy that the Arab Shammar tribe is a large tribe spread across several countries in the Middle East. It also owns a military faction called the Al-Sanadid faction which is affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and has participated in a number of battles against the ISIS organization.