Iraqi government program to return Yezidis to their homes gets underway

BAGHDAD / SHIGUR, Iraq — Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement Evan Faiq Gabro announced that the Iraqi government will return a new group of displaced Yezidi families to their homes in Shigur (Shengal / Sinjar) in Nineveh Plains.

The government launched efforts to return Yezidis to their homes on Monday with the return of a hundred families. On Tuesday, the Ministry expected to return an additional 231 others.

Explaining the process, Minister Gabro said that the equivalent of 39 displaced families have voluntarily returned from the Persevi I camp in Zakho District of Nohadra (Duhok) Governorate.

She added that the return came after taking the needed logistical measures to facilitate their return. The returns are being conducted in cooperation with the Joint Crisis Coordination Center in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the International Organization for Migration.