Professor Franck Salameh named new editor-in-chief for Journal of the Middle East and Africa

BOSTON / WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The Journal of the Middle East and Africa has named Franck Salameh as its new editor-in-chief. Lebanon-born Salameh is currently professor of Near Eastern studies at Boston College in the United States.

He focuses on minorities in the Middle East, contemporary history of the Near East, history of ideas and political thought and the cultural, linguistic and intellectual traditions of the states of the Levant.

Books written by Prof. Salameh include Language, Memory, and Identity in the Middle East: The Case for Lebanon (2010), Charles Corm: An Intellectual Biography of a Twentieth-Century Lebanese “Young Phoenician” (2015), and Lebanon’s Jewish Community; fragments of lives arrested (2019).

Prof. Salameh expresses his incisive opinions every so often on his YouTube channel with topics including the Lebanese language, the Syriac Maronites, and the history and culture of his homeland.