Sabean-Mandaean parliamentary bloc boycotts work of Iraqi parliamentary committees

BAGHDAD — On Tuesday, the Sabean-Mandaean parliamentary bloc held a press conference in which it announced a boycott of the work of the parliamentary committees in protest against continued policies of exclusion and political marginalization against them.

It also called for the intervention of the international community and the United Nations.

Head of the Sabean Affairs Council Uday Asaad referred to a violation that occurred during elections of the Parliamentary Investment and Development Committee.

The elections resulted in electing the committee head without the participation of MP Osama al-Badri, Sabean-Mandaean deputy head of the committee.

MP al-Badri confirmed that the Sabean-Mandaeans are undermined and marginalized, warning of the danger such moves pose to other minority groups as well.

He called on the international community and the United Nations in Iraq to monitor the exclusion of representatives of the indigenous Iraqi ethnic and religious components and pressure Iraqi authorities to ensure their equal participation in government.