Christian Front of Lebanon warns of worsening Syrian refugee crisis

BEIRUT — The Christian Front of Lebanon held its periodic meeting at its headquarters in Achrafieh, Beirut on Wednesday. During the meeting, the Front released a statement in which it expressed gratitude to those who supported its Secretary General, Ibrahim Mrad, including the Sovereigntist Front for Lebanon and its members, General Coordinator Camille Chamoun, and affiliated parties and individuals. The Christian Front also thanked the Kataeb Party and affiliated personalities.

In a statement released following the meeting, the Christian Front warned about the Syrian refugee crisis after some lost their status as refugees and were reclassified as immigrants. The crisis has been compounded by the international community’s insistence on integrating refugees into Lebanese society through schools and other social activities and linking aid with integration.

The Front stated that the international community owes nearly 40 billion USD in contributions to Lebanon aimed at reducing the burden of Syrian refugees on the country. The Christian Front confirmed that it is closely monitoring this issue to avoid any negative consequences.

The statement concluded with the announcement of the formation of the Development Committee, which will consist of a technical team tasked with implementing development projects to improve people’s lives and minimize displacement.