Syrian Democratic Council holds dialogue seminar in Raqqa about strengthening social and political cohesion 

RAQQA, Syria — The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held a dialogue seminar titled “Towards Social and Political Cohesion” in Raqqa this week. The event was attended by SDC members, political parties, Sheikhs, and dignitaries from the Raqqa tribes.

The seminar began with a moment of silence in honor of martyrs, followed by discussions on societal and political cohesion. Mustafa Bali, a member of the Office of Military Relations, stated that tribal figures in society may play a larger role than theorists, military forces, and politicians because the relationship between individuals and official authorities is governed by law and these authorities are obliged to abide by it.

The floor was then opened to the audience. Participants emphasized the importance of promoting positive citizenship and social cohesion. They also addressed the importance of ensuring the adequate provision of public goods and services.

Bali stressed the need to strengthen societal cohesion among the tribes and people, and between the people, tribes, and the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA).