In a new statement, USUP President Ibrahim Mrad addresses the Lebanese people in general and the Shiite community in particular

BEIRUT — In a new video message on Friday, President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon and Secretary General of the Christian Front Ibrahim Mrad stated that judicial investigators are still conducting their inquiry against him over a distorted and misinterpreted video statement circulated by Hezbollah’s “opposition” media. Mrad expressed his regret and concern that he, as president of a Lebanese political party and director of Suroyo TV in Lebanon, cannot publicly and freely express his opinion about corruption in his country.

“In the first interrogation by the judiciary, I have already exposed how my original interview was edited and redacted,” said Mrad. “I have asked the Lebanese authorities investigating me to make public what was said during the interrogation in an official statement.” Mrad stressed that he defended the Shiite community even more than he defended the Christians themselves and that “our demands for a just and sovereign Lebanese government cannot be silenced. We will defend all ethnic components in Lebanon against the power of arms and corruption.”

Mrad reiterated that he did not oppose civil peace and that he did not incite hatred against the honorable Shiite community. On the contrary, he showed his full solidarity and sympathy with the Shiite community, contrary to what some malicious people and “opposition” media propagandize through a redacted video taken out of context from a 1-hour interview. He called on the members of the honorable Shiite community to watch the full original interview and not to be drawn into the strife that was created and fueled by Hezbollah’s media.

Mrad ended his statement that he is to resort to a fair judiciary to obtain his right to defend the freedom and sovereignty of all Lebanon institutions.

He also thanked his team of lawyers for their efforts in uncovering the facts and show the public what really was said and happened.