Head of Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon: We will continue to fight against the fake news spread by Hezbollah and against its occupation of Lebanon

BEIRUT – The president of the Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon and also one of the founders of the Christian Front for Lebanon, Dr. Amine Jules Iskandar, in a video commentary to our news desk, criticized and denounced the futile and explicit attempts of media outlets under the control of Hezbollah to silence opponents fighting corruption in Lebanon.

In the video published on the Facebook page of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), Iskandar argues that Hezbollah persists in fabricating and taking out of context statements made by USUP leader and head of the Christian Front, Ibrahim Mrad. Sentences which Mrad uttered during an 1-hour interview are taken out of context by video editing and faking news. These are then spread on social media. Thus, statements are faked as if they are meant to be hostile toward certain groups or religious denominations.

Due to Hezbollah’s power within the Lebanese state, USUP President Ibrahim Mrad had to appear before the judiciary for fabricated charges based on fabricated video footage. The judiciary, or rather Hezbollah, has not yet let go of Ibrahim Mrad’s case.

Amine Iskandar concluded his video message by reiterating his support for Ibrahim Mrad and his political positions. He also confirmed his firm commitment to always keep fighting such media distortions, just as he will continue to fight the occupation of Lebanon by Iran-backed Hezbollah.