Delegation from Sovereign Front for Lebanon visits former President Michel Lebanese personalities Suleiman and Grand Mufti of Lebanon Abdul Latif Deria

BEIRUT — A delegation from the Sovereign Front for Lebanon headed by MP Camille Dory Chamoun visited several Lebanese public figures, including the former Lebanese President Michel Suleiman.

They discussed the importance of respecting the constitution and preventing its violation. They also stressed the importance of electing a president for Lebanon that can save the country from political deadlock and restore Lebanon’s positive and productive relations with the international and regional communities.

Chamoun declared that this visit aims to brief Suleiman about the political draft of the Front.

The delegation also visited the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Abdul Latif Derian and discussed a number of issues.

The delegation declared that the visit was useful and they discussed strengthening the Lebanese opposition and the election of a qualified president.

Following the visit, both parties stated that they agreed on many points.