Investigation into alleged statements by USUP President Ibrahim Mrad closed, party secretary says his party will continue to agitate against Hezbollah domination over Lebanon

BEIRUT – The Secretary General of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon, lawyer Michel Mallo, has stated in a comment to our news desk that the investigation into alleged statements made by his party’s President Ibrahim Mrad has been closed by the prosecutor.

After 20 days since Mrad’s first interrogation, a new hearing in the investigation took place yesterday; “Ibrahim Mrad presented his opinion and his side of the case to the judge, stating that he acted in accordance with the law on freedom of expression of political opinions,” Mallo stated.

Mallo reported that after this last hearing, the case was closed by the prosecutor in favor of USUP President Mrad.

Mallo affirmed that the Syriac Union Party in Lebanon will continue to politically oppose the Iranian axis and the domination of Hezbollah over the country and that it will always keep advocating the freedom of expression and political opinion, as is guaranteed under the Lebanese constitution.